Why recommend newer bronchodilators for COPD?

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Newer bronchodilators have an edge over older medications for patients with COPD, says Dr Christopher Worsnop.

Bronchodilators are the main inhaler medications used for first-line treatment of COPD.

There are two types of bronchodilators: muscarinic antagonists (which used to be called anticholinergics) and beta agonists.

Long-acting muscarinic antagonistsare called LAMAs and long-acting beta agonists are called LABAs.

The older, short-acting bronchodilators require “multiple puffs, multiple times a day, so that’s why we favour the longer ones”, Dr Christopher Worsnop, a respiratory and sleep physician at Austin Hospital in Melbourne, says.

“We tend to use the muscarinic antagonists first and we prefer to use the long-acting ones because it’s much more convenient for patients to take,” he says.