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While IDN has silently and continuously worked for all these years doing small projects and supporting members to reach their professional and social goals, we are becoming increasingly active.

Currently, we are embarked in a new project that potentially could benefit various IMDs.

In partnership with the Learning Enrichment Foundation, we are working on designing a bridging program for internationally trained medical doctors.  The goal of the program is to support individuals in finding good employment that uses their skills but does not require re-certification as a medical doctor, perhaps in community/public health.

Presently we are in an exploratory and design phase. And we are exploring the circumstances of IMDs in Toronto, including their interest and suitability for a career in community/public health.

If you are an IMD and want to support the development of this initiative you could do it by providing us with information that will shape the program. Also, please include your contact information as accurate as possible in order to receive timely information regarding the development stage of the project.

Should you require more detail, please do not hesitate to Contact Us