Ontario Bridge Training Program “Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education for Internationally Trained Physicians”  

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The Learning Enrichment Foundation (OBTP) – INFORMATION SESSIONS 
Ontario Bridge Training Program “The Alternative Career in Health Promotion Education” aims to enhance the employment and educational position of internationally trained physicians to equip them for employment within the healthcare ecosystem in non-practitioner roles in Ontario. These information sessions will provide detailed information about this program as well as the eligibility criteria mentioned below. 

·       Medical Degree from an institution outside of Canada (WES or another academic equivalency required) 

·       Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or protected persons, Refugee Claimant, Canadian Citizen 

·       Minimum English Level of CLB 8/9 

·       In Canada 7 years or less 

·       Live in Ontario 

1. Thursday, August 11, 2022,  
Time: 2-4 PM EST  
PRESENTER: Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) staff 
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These sessions will be offered via Zoom by LEF staff. Please refer to the registration form below. For any further questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact Masood Noora, Program Coordinator, at: [email protected]