International Doctors’ Network (IDN) 2021 Conference

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The International Doctors’ Network (IDN) 2021 Conference from February 17th and until March 31st, every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, listen to professional perspectives and opinions of colleagues currently performing different roles in the Canadian labour market. Take this opportunity to develop new ideas and network with our presenters and attendees!


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After registering, we would be emailing you more information about the speakers and how to join the sessions.

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11 thoughts on “International Doctors’ Network (IDN) 2021 Conference”

  1. Got to know of this conference from the WhatsApp group of IMG OF RCCG RESTORATION HOUSE, HAMILTON, ONTARIO CANADA.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. Hello, I would very much like to attend but you have already reached the maximum number of registrations! Please consider me in the waiting list for the coming sessions. Thank you!

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