CaRMS application planning for 2022 cycle

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The International Doctors Network 2021 activities calendar continues on May Wednesday, May 26th, from 6 to 7:30 p.m EST.
On this opportunity, our guest speaker Ranika Singh Consultant and Owner at IMG Career Counselling will be sharing important information you need to know as an international medical graduate before applying for CaRMS 2022 cycle.

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2 thoughts on “CaRMS application planning for 2022 cycle”

  1. I signed up for this session yesterday but did not get any confirmation email.
    Can you please verify if I have been added to the list of attendees?

    1. Hello Dr. Khadija,

      Your name was added to the list after you registered.

      You will receive instructions to access the event on May 25, the day before the session.

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